Michael Jackson – “You Rock My World” (video review)

Here’s more evidence that the former pop/R&B great is out of touch with everything except his own ego. His attempt at making a gangster-themed mini-movie is undercut by a) the fact that he already tried the same thing with more, well, thrilling results in the “Smooth Criminal” video; b) the guest stars, including Marlon Brando and Chris Tucker, who make up in hamminess what the story lacks in substance; and c) Jackson’s face, which looks so unnatural and even computer generated that he resembles Kevin Bacon in “Hollow Man.” All of this might have been forgiven had Jackson pulled some gasp-worthy dance moves from his black fedora. But, sadly, he doesn’t move as sharply or as swiftly as he used to, which perhaps accounts for the song’s sluggish tempo and makes this dull short film more blah than noir.

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